Handcrafted Aromatherapy Products

Marthica, the owner of The Aromatherapy Shoppe, is a modern-day alchemist with a wonderful apothecary of essential oils, carrier oils, herbs and botanicals. She blends love, the art of product making using techniques and recipes from generations past, and chemistry to handcraft bath and body products that she considers food for the skin.

Food for the Skin

The Aromatherapy Shoppe product line includes handcrafted Olive Oil Soap to cleanse the body, Luxurious Creams and Lotions to moisturize the face and body, Fizzy Bath Bombs for a relaxing effervescent bathing experience, an aromatic Sun Recovery Spray to soothe skin after sun exposure, a Muscle & Joint Balm to relieve deep muscle pain and tension, and many more...