Our Story

During her training to become a licensed massage therapist, Marthica McDermott studied Aromatherapy as part of her educational requirements. It was no surprise to learn in anatomy, as part of the integumentary system, that the skin is the body's largest organ with an extraordinary ability to absorb substances through the epidermis. As she expanded her holistic knowledge of treating the body with relaxing and therapeutic massage, Marthica realized that in addition to concentrating on internally feeding our bodies with health-conscious food choices, we should also externally apply therapeutic massage oils and paraben & petroleum free body preparations that are considered food for the skin.

After the local soap maker from whom Marthica purchased handcrafted soap closed shop, she decided to take matters into her own hands! Captivated by the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils, she started experimenting and creating body products with essential oils to feed, hydrate, and moisturize her own skin, and that of family, friends and loyal massage clients.

Marthica has years of training and practice in the everyday use of essential oils, their individual therapeutic properties, and has done numerous case studies. Every product she creates, every blend she produces, comes from a direct therapeutic idea: something for muscle pain, a treatment of a skin condition, an everyday moisturizing lotion. The idea is intuitive, but the solutions are based on a firm knowledge of aromatherapy, a knowledge that is constantly nourished by research, books, observing industry leaders, and attending annual conferences for the Handmade Soap and Cosmetics Guild and the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.

As a modern-day alchemist with a wonderful apothecary of essential oils, herbs and botanicals, Marthica turned a passion into a business in 2007. She was able to blend love, art, and chemistry to handcraft bath and body products that people truly enjoyed and wanted to share with loved ones as gifts. In order to meet the demands of her growing business, she moved her operations out of a home studio where she had spent many late nights after the kids went to bed working in her pajamas, and opened a retail storefront in 2011.

Marthica is truly grateful for all the support she gets from her loyal customers and will continue to follow her passion for healthy skin and dedication to introduce everyone to high quality handcrafted aromatherapy products at an affordable price.