We believe our products are "food for the skin." That's why we were hesitant to make a lotion with water because it required using synthetic chemical preservatives and seemed to defeat the purpose. After many failed attempts, we finally discovered a naturally derived vegetable perservative and emulsifier that blended water and oil beautifully. Success!

Many of our customers are what we call "personal product purists" who embrace the natural oil feel of a product lacking water. It is difficult during busy daytime activity to keep our hands hydrated with an oil-only based product.  Enter our lotions, which allow for the immediate absorption of pure oils into the skin.

When formulating our lotions, our goals are first, to create a creamy, smooth product and second, to use very few, easily recognizable quality ingredients for the label-conscious consumer. Creamy Dreamy lotion is the magical result, thick like a cream but fluid enough for a pump bottle.